Model Name : Blossom 10**


  1. Safe, gentle, and easy-to-use phototherapy treatment
  2. Utilizes High Bright Blue LED technology
  3. Meets AAP Guideline of Phototherapy
  4. Provides 30-45 μW/cm2/nm intensity
  5. Device timer tracks overall usage of LED source.
  6. No ultraviolet or infrared rays, ensuring safety for infants
  7. 12 high bright blue LEDs for treatment.
  8. Low power consumption.

Model Name : Blossom US**


  1. An under-surface phototherapy unit
  2. An effective and safe way of phototherapy treatment that is gentle and easy to use
  3. Blossom US provides all the benefits of high bright blue LED technology in a compact and affordable design
  4. Meets AAP guidelines for phototherapy
  5. Device timer tracks overall usage of the LED source
  6. No ultraviolet or infrared rays, which may cause skin rashes or hyperthermia in infants
  7. Low power consumption of less than 15 W
  8. Equipped with 12 high-bright blue LEDs for treatment.

Model Name : Blossom Blanket**


  1. A portable phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice treatment.
  2. Offers completely portable and maintenance-free treatment.
  3. Promotes “kangaroo care” and parent-infant bonding.
  4. Provides 17-18 μW/cm2/nm spectral irradiance, meeting international guidelines.


  1. Light Wavelength: 450 – 475 nm
  2. Light Intensity/Irradiance: > 35 μW/cm2/nm
  3. Effective Surface Area: 40 x 25 cm coverage underneath the baby


Model Name : FD 9713 N


  1. Handheld Fetal Doppler with LCD screen
  2. 2.5MHz waterproof Probe
  3. Assures accurate FHR detection with clear sound
  4. In-built rechargeable Li-ion battery
  5. In-built speaker and head-phone socket.

Model Name : FD 9714


  1. 2-inch color display
  2. 2.5MHz High Sensitivity Probe
  3. Dual Display Mode: FHR Curve display (Waveform) & Big Font mode
  4. Visual Alarm Indicator
  5. IP22 Ingress Protection
  6. In-built rechargeable Li-ion battery – Micro USB charger.
  7. In-built speaker and head-phone socket.